If you ever think about me

and if you think about me niggers
and if you aint gonna do no revolutionary act
Forget about me
I don't want myself on your mind
If you're not going to work for the people
Like we always said
If you're asked to make a commitment
At the age of twenty
and you say
I don't want to make a commitment
Only because of the simple reason i'm too young to die
I want to live a little bit longer
What you did is, you're already dead
You have to understand
That people have to pay the price for peace
If you dare to struggle you dare to win
If you dare not struggle then God damn-it you don't deserve to win
Let me say peace to you
If you're willing to fight for it
Let me say in the spirit of liberation...
I've been gone for a little while
At least my body's been gone for a little while
But i'm back now
and I believe that i'm back to stay
I believe that i'm going to do my job
and I believe that I was born not to die in a car wreck;
I don't believe that i'm going to die in a car wreck
I don't believe i'm going to die
slipping on a piece of ice;
I don't believe i'm going to die because I got a bad heart;
I don't believe i'm going to die because of lung cancer
I believe that i'm going to be able to die doing the things I was born for
I believe that i'm going to be able to die high off the people
I believe that I will be able to die as a revolutionary in the
International Revolutionary Proletarian Struggle
And I hope that each one of you will be able to die in the International Proletarian Revolutionary Struggle
Or you'll be able to live in it
and I think that struggle's going to come
Why don't you live for the people
Why don't you stuggle for the people
Why don't you die for the people

-Fred Hampton
Born Aug. 30th, 1948




The transcript that follows is of a speech delivered by Alexander Ben Postserial on September 26, 2009 to the Inmost Circle (or Sixty-Six-Plus-Thirty-Three-Equals-Ninety-Nine) of the public but shadowy organization known as HOABIB. Explanations for the HOABIB name abound; many accept that it’s the acronym for Highest Of All Believers In Bamboozlement. Banker and builder Alexander Ben Postserial, now ninety-two, is the Chairman Emeritus of HOABIB. His speech of two weeks ago was given in the Banquet Hall of the Inmost Circle’s “Underground” beneath the Tower of London. It draws largely on a freshly completed HOABIB study for which Postserial served as Chairman: the ‘Vision Plan to Improve the Species Homo sapiens through Massive though Selective Depopulation in the 21st Century’.

Chairman Postserial’s arguments for the ‘Vision Plan’ and its “enlightened extermination” are startling in their candor, arrogance, and casual brutality, early in his speech. Taking “the presumed superiority” of the Inmost Circle, or We Few, as a necessary given for programs the Few advance, Postserial cites statements from royalty, moguls, U.S. Secretaries of State and United Nations’ agencies in his seeming advocacy for the decimation, more or less, of “you know, people” on Earth. His “turn” from such coolly horrific positions, late in his talk, is therefore even more of a great “surprise.”

The transcript of the speech is reproduced below with Alexander Ben Postserial’s own capitalizations and other punctuation. Its references to genetically modified corn that can kill human sperm, to the Prince who wishes to be reincarnated as a plague-producing virus, to eugenicist Nazis and their collaborators, and to the World Health Organization’s 2009 preparations to vaccinate 4.9 billion people against ” ’swine flu’ ” in the next year, are all true.

Also true, however, are Postserial’s recognitions that masses of people around the world are awakening in this year and refusing to be deceived, enslaved, and slaughtered. The nonagenarian’s “final turn” to embracing those masses as the source of “by far the greatest portion” of human progress is audibly the most emotional passage in his speech.

‘Friends and Peers–gentlemen and you few ladies who grace these tables–let me address you with the frankness and intimacy that our pledged confidentiality allows. Beginning, let me say with you again the motto that guides our Circle: We are the Few and the Many are Outside. We are the deservedly privileged Few and the Many are Outside our Gates. We are the Few and the Many are Outside.

There, we’ve stated again the belief which guides and enables our blinding hubris.

Now, let me share with you some of the most exciting–and perhaps appalling–elements and tools in 2009’s ‘Vision Plan to Improve the Species Homo sapiens through Massive though Selective Depopulation in the 21st Century’. Our Vision Plan of this year is the latest formulation of our long-term intention. Our Plan is of course meant to not only afford humanity survival for this century–it is meant to perpetuate We Few’s presumption of our necessary mastery over humanity for many more centuries.

Improve human life through removing human life? The concept, starkly stated, as our intimacy allows, may produce a little shock. Are we again destroying the village in order to save it?

We Few however, believe that we must never shirk the responsibilities that our perceptions compel. We must never falter in the certainty that our superior awareness obliges us toward the enlightened extermination of those who encumber the Earth’s environment. We do claim to be, after all, protectors of the environment.

Prince Philip is one of us who believes he understands obligations and realities and who imagines fantastical solutions.

We all know Prince Philip simply by that titled name. He’s Queen Elizabeth’s Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, his Royal Highness and the Royal Consort. Prince Philip is of Danish/Greek heritage, descended from a Prince of Denmark whom the British Empire helped to make King of Greece in 1862, and he is the brother of four sisters who married German Nazis. We also honor Philip for choosing another Prince, Bernhard of Holland, to be the first head of the British chapter of the World Wildlife Fund, in 1961. Prince Bernhard was another Nazi and he was an agent for the I. G. Farben cartel that included several of the great Corporations represented here tonight. Bernhard was later a promoter of the United Nations and the host of global leaders’ meeting at the Hotel Bilderberg fifty-five years ago. We do claim to be, after all, protectors of animals as well as the environment.

Interviewed by Germany’s Deutsche Press Agentur in 1988, Prince Philip gave us the benefit of his acuity, his fellow-feeling, and his imagination He said: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

Seven years earlier, Prince Philip said aloud We Few’s guiding perspective. He pointed out to People magazine: “The more people there are, the more resources they’ll consume, the more pollution they’ll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.”

There, in Prince Philip’s plain language, we have essences of our pathologically limited perspective. The more, you know, people there are, the more that “they” will eat and pollute and fight and reproduce. Lucky for us, isn’t it, that we Few never fight in the little Wars that so enrich us! (Postserial’s brittle, nonagenarian voice sharpens with sarcasm, as it has in several of his earlier emphases.)
Principals behind or of Nazi Germany's I. G. Farben cartel and its
U. S. counterpart also were principals and/or sat on Boards of major U.S.-based businesses such as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Now, what would be a nice, sustainable number of you know, people on Earth? Enough of “them” that “they” can serve our needs, but not, you know, too many.

Ted Turner has given us a range of numbers that may be workable. Ted we know from his Cable News Network and sports-franchises and his ‘gift’ of $1 billion to the United Nations in 1999 for efforts that promote ‘peace’—-a $1 billion that actually should be worth about $100 million on the plus side of $1 billion to Ted and his heirs. Ted has contributed since the early 1990s to United Nations’ programs of vaccination and sterilization that aim at populations in the Southern Hemisphere. Populations of, you know, dark people, down there.

Ted Turner told Audoubon Magazine in 1996: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

This is quite an ambitious ideal from Captain Ted! A 95% reduction at present would mean 6.4 billion people presumably dead and certainly gone from the planet Earth.

Lately Ted Turner has spoken of more modest goals. He observed to CBS’ Bob Pisani in April 2008 that we occupy “a finite-sized world” and noted “the pressure” being put on the environment “by the ever-increasing number of people and the number of people using more stuff and more energy–that’s what’s leading to global climate change and the over-fishing of the oceans.” Ted said that “about two billion” would be about the right number of people on Earth.

This recommendation from Ted Turner would mean a little more than double decimation of the species Homo Sapiens.

How can we achieve even this more modest proposal? How can we remove 4.7 billion eaters and fighters and polluters and reproducers from our planet?

Now, my poor sight can make out that our cake and coffee, our sorbet and liqueurs, are all served. Would that I could fully taste them, Friends and Peers. Let me now, then, say enough, but never too much, as is also our rule and our history.

The good news for our eternally presumed superiority–good only for our presumed superiority–is that we have tools ready to achieve goals as vast and horrific as we’ve imagined.

The alarm I wish to sound–here tonight in what may be my last address to you–an alarm sounded to me by the Many outside our Gates, an alarm I am joining in my own sunset’s Turneresque luminescence–is that our supposed solutions are monstrous illusions and that We Few are being found out.

We have the tools of Fear, Food, Viruses and Vaccines now primed on our side.

Fear, Food, Viruses and Vaccines are means We Few have mounted and perfected since the eve of the First World War. We may benefit from looking backward. The first International Congress of Eugenics, here in London, 1912, included Winston Churchill and Gifford Pinchot and many other friends of Teddy Roosevelt’s. In those days we could discuss ‘Massive though Selective Depopulation’ openly. After all, according to eugenics’ founder, Sir Francis Galton, half-cousin to Darwin and a Royal Fellow, eugenics is the use of science to improve the human race.

The Third International Congress, 1932, back in New York City, elected the eminent Nazi psychiatrist, Dr. Ernst Rudin, as President of the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. We may wish to remember that Dr. Rudin’s ‘German Society for Race Hygiene’ and the sterilization of 250,000 through the ‘Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases’ paralleled Alice Boyden Gray’s ‘Human Betterment League of North Carolina’ and the sterilization of several hundred Negro children in Winston-Salem.

All of these eugenicist measures were predicated, let me remind you, Friends and Peers, on the presumption of We Few’s superiority. As, one might say with considerable accuracy, World Wars One and Two and their mass murder of about one hundred million people, were also predicated as more chaos toward a ‘New World Order’ with us bankers and builders as its rulers.

After the Second World War and its holocausts we had to assume more guises. John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles begat the Population Council in Manhattan, accepting the American Eugenics Society into their building when the latter moved from Yale University.

But our great invention and instrument after World War Two was the United Nations. Thanks again are due to the Rockefeller family–David’s father gave a tax-deductible $8.5 million to buy the mid-Manhattan land on which the U.N. Headquarters sits.

And what a sky-blue cover the United Nations has been! Out of the U.N. have come UNESCO, UNICEF, and in 1969 the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, UNFPA. The latter agency is now called the U.N. Population Fund, but it’s still ridding us of millions of “useless eaters” in China, Mexico, Peru, and other such non-Aryan places.

Of all U.N. agencies, the World Health Organization, begun in 1948, is proving most valuable for empowering the agenda of depopulation in our Vision Plan.

The W.H.O. you see, gives us supranational control of both viruses and vaccines! Somehow, yes, the W.H.O. can determine for the Earth’s nations which viruses threaten “them”–nations are, you may recall, made up of, you know, people–and the kind and amount of vaccines that are to be administered.

This past July, the Director of the W.H.O, Margaret Chan, declared that 4.9 billion doses of vaccine against supposed ” ’swine flu’ ” could be administered in the next year. 4.9 billion means that almost every person on Earth could receive at least one dose of the ” ’swine flu’ ” vaccine. That is, use of the ” ’swine flu’ ” vaccines could be far beyond any precedent we’ve seen! We might call Margaret Yes-We-Can Chan!

You may know that our 2009 ” ’swine flu’ ” is actually a combination of animal, avian and human strains of virus. Somehow patents for this kind of cocktail virus and/or for vaccines that are supposed to combat its ‘reassortment strain’ were granted to the giant pharmaceutical Corporations Novartis and Baxter before this 2009 threat for a pandemic emerged outside laboratories.

You may also know that this year’s ” ‘H1N1′ ” threat for a pandemic is forty times less likely to infect people and is twenty times less likely to kill people than seasonal flu. You may also know that unknown millions or billions of the estimated 4.9 billion doses envisioned by the W. H. O. will contain the poisonous squalene adjuvant and the poisonous Thimerosal preservative. And who knows what else doses from our giant pharmaceutical Corporations may contain in this year 2009, this presures-riven year of many crises?

We can thank the W.H.O., and the World Trade Organization for another imminent and ominous measure: Codex Alimentarius is ready to ban nutrients from consumption by the public at the end of this year, December 31st, 2009.

Viruses. Vaccines. Food. Fear. We Few use them to assure and advance our control, control for which private Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve System, are, well, central. We have many to thank for our tools and current crises. Sir Henry Kissinger! Henry approved the National Security Study Memorandum 200 of December 1974 that presented food as a means of coercing or reducing nations’ populations. Zbignew! Zbignew Brzezinski led us into Afghanistan and its subsequent tens of thousands of metric tons of fabulously profitable opium. Now Zbignew notes the truth for us that it is much easier to kill one million people than to control them! John Holdren, now President Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology and a new Royal Fellow himself, has advocated for decades the use of coordinated agencies toward a ‘Planetary Regime’–that is, something like our long-time vision of a ‘New World Order’. Tim Geithner at the U.S. Treasury, an assistant to Henry and to Robert Rubin earlier in his career, and Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve System, have enabled the printing and release of trillions of U.S. dollars to international Banks at the same time as they’re promoting a new, supranational economic order. Ben and Tim are continuing to rob and sap the traumatized but still armed, rebellious and dangerous U.S. public, as we verge nearer the big blow-up of many, many debt-ridden national currencies.

Thus, all told, Friends and Peers, we appear to have the combination of tools and forces that could soon precipitate that many-headed ‘crisis’ which David has envisioned, leading the Few of us into ostensible mastery of an inescapably new and much-reduced world.

But what future would we really have?

Eight years ago, two days before September 11, 2001, my Friends and Peers, the Independent here in Britain announced that the Epicyte company in San Diego had genetically modified corn to kill human sperm. This newspaper’s piece began: ‘Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. Waving fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation.’

I remember the piece exactly because it aroused in me an apprehension, a true fear, that has since grown even as I have continued to contribute here in the Underground of we HOABIB. This true fear has inexorably transformed itself into something like an epiphany for your old Chairman. Let me share it with you now. Let me drop it bluntly among the silver on our tables.

My true fear is: Are We Few mad for mass murder?

Will food from those ‘waving fields’ not get into our loins, so to speak, and end our families’ lines? How, too, are we and our children and grandchildren to escape consequences from the pandemic that may come from ill-tested vaccines? We’ve so far escaped the exchange of thermonuclear weapons that would include us in its mass death. We’ve mostly escaped the spread of A.I.D.S.

Our Vision Plan omits speculation as to how we, the most selective of populations, could survive a new plague on Earth. I ask you here tonight: Do we all expect to be all be secreted in Svalbard, Norway beside the Doomsday Seed Bank? With Bill and Melinda of the Gates Foundation and the Highest-of-Highs among their partners in that Bank: the Rockefeller Foundation and Monsanto and Sygenta Corporations. Do some of expect to be safe with Ted and the Bush family and George Soros on their South American spreads?

Will any of us be safe from contraceptive crops?

Will we even escape the consequences of our lifetimes?

Let me tell you that even as we dine and sup tonight, Friends and Peers, millions unto billions around the world are seeing through guises and our games. “They” are angry unto fury at our thieving and deceits. They are bright with knowledge and a fiery light. $23.7 trillion is the honorable estimate of what the bail-outs of Banks and other Corporations that began in 2008 will cost the United States, present and future. As much or more will be taken by and through Central Banks elsewhere in the next few years, as unemployment, poverty, desperation and clarity rise among the millions unto billions who are suffering, out there, outside our Gates, Friends and Peers.

Prince Philip’s “they” may step away from our Banks. “They” may take this least bloody step away from our control. And why not? Sir Josiah Stamp, head of the Bank of England and one of our richest men back in 1927, spoke at the University of Texas then and broke our game down thus: “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding sleight of hand ever invented…. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and, with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again.”

What if the great mass of hard-working, goods-producing people around the world take away the Banks by which so few us own the Earth? What if “they” wake up to that simple, transformational possibility?

What if “they” refuse en masse to take this year’s vaccines? Majorities of Doctors and Nurses in Hong Kong, France, and many other places are already refusing.

What if the Armed Forces and Police on whom we rely wake up to their own vulnerabilities and interests–as so many fire-fighters have woken up to the reality that explosive or implosive demolition of steel-framed skyscrapers on September 11, 2001 could not have come from fire–and what if “they” lose their allegiance to us?

What, finally, if We Few are NOT superior?

If our presumed superiority is only blinding hubris, then all our Plans and programs are misguided in their conception. If we are NOT superior, then we are lunatic elitists at best and sheer criminals at worst.

Look around, please, my Friends and Peers. Your gazes are fixed sideways, your mouths are pursed with worry or discomfort or indignation, but compare in your mind’s eye Prince Charles with Bob Marley. Compare Marie Antoinette with Marie Sklodowska-Curie. Compare almost any of We Few with specimens from the masses our depopulation would wipe out.

Yes? Yes. If you are honest and honorable you must see.

Let me further suggest that we benefit from looking back at all history. From whom has by far the greatest portion of human progress come? From whom has individual genius mostly arisen, over centuries and millennia–from We Few or from “them”? Would we with our ridding and removals eliminate the next century’s Einstein and Picasso and Marie Sklodowska-Curie?

Let me now take a final turn, a turn to the inescapably personal, and offer again what I can. I, your Chairman Emeritus, am an old man, very old, but still I dream. And I do not always dream of graphs and beams and beans. Once, true, I dreamt of World Trade Centers and of Banks at the center of our world. I dreamt of Councils, Organizations, Commissions, all combining across Hemispheres into an Order beyond Nations. Was it for peace or for profits and dominance that I dreamt? I don’t know. “Que said-je?”–”What do I know?”–Montaigne’s motto is these days most often mine. Now the most of what I know is a desire to be true. Death is near, its gated arch a closer light, and my will is to lie as little as possible to posterity. Like Lear and Prospero I sometimes dream, in fact, and in those dreams the heads and hands of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and strangers’ sons and daughters, fly up and flock. They’re like birds, as they fly up, and they’re imbued with appealing, distinct lights.

I owe them all something, these lights and their mere being tell me.

So now–so now–all prospects diminish around old age. Steps, sight, our very skin. I am stooped, I must squint, and bodyguards can’t save me. But let me stand up straight, once more in our Underground, and tell you, Friends and Peers, the most vital truth I see.

Our fantasy of a ‘New World Order’ can never and should never be achieved. Such an absurd and repressive and finally limiting concept only makes for harm and war. Hard as we try, much as try–in headlines and communiques and thousand-page volumes, like this Vision Plan 2009–we amount at best to schoolboys in short-pants, knocking down nature with blocks of our own, imposing our will on places far from those we know.

We Few are NOT superior. Only the godly is superior, the God or gods in genes’ chances, and that superiority is marvelous and ever-lasting.

Let me call on you here once more. Let me throw you perhaps the greatest surprise you’ve seen from this most aged of your Chairmen. Let me call on you to let local talents rule. We can be global partners, but let us cooperate without exploitation. We do not need a World Bank, nor a loan-sharking International Monetary Fund, nor a Bank of International Settlements to profit from usury. We need Banks free of usury. Let us use our great tools and considerable gifts, we Sixty-Six-Plus-Thirty-Three-Equals-Ninety-Nine, for good at last–as would be so easy and enriching and truly world-changing a true agenda for us.

The Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro seven years from now. To celebrate this turn South by the world, let me heft up with both hands our Inmost Circle’s latest Vision Plan, our Vision Plan 2009, and heave it over our collective shoulders. Let us make this change now and for all time. Ah! (Alexander Ben Postserial’s groan of pleasurable effort occurs next on the digital recording. Sound of pages fluttering and then the thunk of a very heavy, bound document meeting the Tomb’s floor. Applause from the Few begins hesitantly and then grows in volume and uniformity. It’s as if the assembled Circle want their unexpectedly touched sentiments to find release and governance in formal and accustomed expression. What will happen next remains open.)




photo courtesy of Rhys Hallett





Since the wealthy elite-through mechanisms such as the Federal Reserve System, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund along with private groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission-exert a substantial degree of control over the world's governments, it would stand to reason that they would be very concerned with UFOs and life in space. Such a group would desire to be foremost in any alien contact so as to gain control of or suppress any alien technology that might unbalance the status quo. Any technology that might unseat the monopolies of energy, communication, or health care would be viewed as dangerous to a position of power. After all, would the long suffering public continue to pay ever increasing prices for ever decreasing reserves of gas and oil if they knew for certain that fuel-free, nonpolluting electromagnetic or antigravity technology existed? Would the public remain passive with certain knowledge that there were cures for AIDS, cancer, and perhaps even old age?
Viewed from this perspective, the cause for secrecy concerning extraterrestrial contact becomes abundantly clear.




"Our concept of reality as seen through our physical senses, scientific instruments, or arrived at through deduction, bears little resemblance to the facts. The planetary systems exist at once, simultaneously, both in time and space. The universe that we seem to perceive, either visually or through instruments, appears to be composed of galaxies, stars, and planets, at various distances from us. Basically, this is an illusion. Our senses and our very existence as physical creatures program us to perceive the universe in such a way. The universe as you know it is our interpretation of events as they intrude upon our three dimensional reality. The events are mental. This does not mean that we cannot travel to other worlds, galaxies, universes, or even dimensions..."




In the book, Veblen argues that economic life is driven not by notions of utility, but by social vestiges from pre-historic times. Drawing examples from his time (turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century America) and anthropology, he held that much of today's society is a variation on early tribal life.
According to Veblen, beginning with primitive tribes, people began to adopt a division of labor along certain lines. The "higher-status" group monopolized war and hunting while farming and cooking were considered inferior work. He argued this was due to barbarism and conquest of some tribes over others. Once conquerors took control, they relegated the more menial and labor-intensive jobs to the subjugated people, while retaining the more warlike and violent work for themselves. It did not matter that these "menial" jobs did more to support society (in Veblen's view) than the "higher" ones. Even within tribes that were initially free of conquerors or violence, Veblen argued that certain individuals, upon watching this labor division take place in other groups, began to mimic (or, in Veblen's term, emulate) the higher-status groups. Veblen referred to the emerging ruling class as the "leisure class." He argued that while this class did perform some work and contributed to the tribe's well-being, it did so in only a minor, peripheral, and largely symbolic manner. For example, although hunting could provide the tribe with food, it was not as productive or reliable as farming or animal domestication, and compared with the latter types of work, was relatively easier to perform. Likewise, while tribes occasionally required warriors if a conflict broke out, Veblen argued that militaristic members of the leisure class retained their position—and, with it, exemption from menial work—even during the extremely long stretches of time when there was no war, even though they were perfectly capable of contributing to the tribe's "menial" work during times of peace. At the same time, Veblen claimed that the leisure class managed to retain its position through both direct and indirect coercion. For example, the leisure class reserved for itself the "honor" of warfare, and often prevented members of the lower classes from owning weapons or learning how to fight. At the same time, it made the rest of the tribe feel dependent on the leisure class's continued existence due to the fear of hostilities from other tribes or, as religions began to form, the hostility of imagined deities (Veblen argued that the first priests and religious leaders were members of the leisure class). To Veblen, society never grew out of this stage; it simply adapted into different forms and expressions. For example, he noted that during the Middle Ages, only the nobility was allowed to hunt and fight wars. Likewise, in modern times, he noted that manual laborers usually make less money than white-collar workers.




Rudolph Steiner perceived how the division of the soul was reflected universally in the tragic duality between science and religion. Natural Science regarded the material world as the only reality, conceiving the whole process of creation and evolution in purely physical terms. Religion, secretly considering itself wholly discredited by science, had fallen back on unquestioning faith and dogma, hitching a hypothetical three dimensional heaven on to the end of life to house the faithful after death. In neither case was there any recognition of the existence of a Macrocosm from which creative powers fashioned, informed and sustained the world of Nature. Steiner felt that it was his personal destiny to find a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of nature.

It appeared to Steiner as deeply significant that the Greek philosophers had considered that ideas understood by thinking were more real than the phenomenal world itself. He discovered that the very history of Western philosophy traced the gradual steps in contraction of consciousness and the way in which all knowledge of the Macrocosm had been lost.
Steiner saw the critical deed which brought about man's scepticism regarding the spiritual validity of thinking to have taken place in the Grail age in the ninth century when the Roman Church erased the Individual Human Spirit from the former trichotomy of man. From then forward, because Spirit had been relegated to a mere shadowy intellectual quality in the soul, thinking was no longer trusted as a means to truth. It was inevitable that mankind should turn to evidence of the senses as the only reality.
The reappearance of Greek learning did not revive a longing for the knowledge of the spirit but, instead, only quickened man's thirst to unveil the secrets of the physical world. And in this battle to gain mastery over nature the despiritualised intellect reigned supreme with it's effective inductive method based entirely on the evidence of the senses. The seed of a materialistic age had been planted and with it came an ever widening gap between the spirit and the three dimensional world.




According to Greider, the money dealers designed such intricate and e
soteric details about their financial operations that it assumed the proportions of a cult. "To modern minds, it seemed bizarre to think of the Federal Reserve as a religious institution," he wrote. "Yet the theorists, in their own demented way, were on to something real and significant.... The Federal Reserve did also function in the realm of religion. Its mysterious powers of money creation, inherited from priestly forebears, shielded a complex bundle of social and psychological meanings. With its own form of incantation, the Federal Reserve presided over awesome social ritual, transactions so powerful and frightening they seemed to lie beyond common understanding.... After all, money was a function of faith. It required an implicit and universal social consent that was indeed mysterious. To create money and use it, each one must believe and everyone must believe. Only then did the pieces of paper take on value."
Greider also noted, "The details of the Federal Reserve's action were presumed to be too esoteric for ordinary man to understand."